A Bit About Myself and My Blog

I am a 32-year-old wife, athlete, adventurer and middle child.

I have traveled far and near, spent countless hours training towards a big goal that I never quite reached, broken many bones (including some vertebrae), lived on a dairy farm in New Zealand, met and married a man that surpasses my dreams every day, graduated with a Masters in International Business and boomeranged back to the USA.

Today my life is a balancing act and like many ‘young professionals,’ or whatever generation I am actually a part of, I don’t often have the opportunity indulge in self-reflection and peel back all the layers of my life. The mission of this blog is storytelling, plain and simple storytelling. I would love to claim that I am a profound thinker but I think I may be more of a pinball,  intensely bouncing from point to point. I hope that Glitter Glee and Grit is often funny but life, unfortunately, isn’t always funny, so that may not always work. My hope is that by taking a step back and poking a little bit of fun, I help myself and maybe even a few others strive for new levels of self-acceptance. If that fails I hope I at least make you laugh from time to time.

So here’s to being your unapologetic and sometimes embarrassing 100% authentic self.



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