Opening You Mind to Possibility and Thought Rabbit Holes

This morning I booted up the comp and promptly got a GChat from a lovely friend announcing to me, “I bought Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer. And then it hit me, what if I could buy ALLLL the pumpkin spice coffee creamer and use it throughout the year. But then reality hit and I realized I’d have a heck of a load of curdled creamer on my hands.” I know exactly how this entire internal conversation went down. She is shopping for some groceries, gets super stoked that there is enough pumpkin spice creamer there for all the pumpkin spice lovers and then it hits. She wishes she could have pumpkin spice creamer all year… and for a brief few seconds her mind is lost in possibility. It may only last a couple of second but in that couple of seconds her thoughts fast forwarded through an epic pumpkin spiced year.

As adults we don’t get to day dream often. Every once in a while you might take a look at the GroupOn Getaways just to piss yourself off a little bit, but, for the most part our brains don’t get to wander. We do our very best to keep them tethered to our daily tasks. From work to our workouts we are rarely without purpose or boundaries. This is exactly why I think these thought rabbit holes are absolutely delicious.

When we are children we spend a decent chunk of our days letting our imaginations roam and dreaming of the possibilities the future holds. What if I became a fireman? What kind of superhero would I be? When I was little I remember being worried that my imagination would leave when I grew up; I think the movie Hook is to blame for that one. We are so busy being grown ups that we forget that our minds are hilarious playgrounds of possibility. These brief lapses in our ability to control our own minds are our imagination poking holes into everyday life to remind you that it’s still there.

It is also a reminder that the world is vast and filled with possibility. Our day dreams shouldn’t inspire us to buy pumpkin spiced dairy products but maybe prompt us to enjoy our mind’s abilities to roam and seek the potential possibilities that go missed in our everyday lives.


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