Positivity Challenge Day Two

I am a day late with this one because I had such a busy and awesome day yesterday. I started work at about 6:30am which meant I got to get home early and spend some time with the husband. It’s such a gift to get to steal some extra time with him!

So without further rambling here are the three things I am/ was grateful for on Friday, September 29th, 2014.

1) My Family: There are no words to describe how important my family is to me. For better and worse they have challenged me, supported me and made me the woman I am today. I have a feeling I will talk much more about them all as this blog continues and you get to know them well. They are crazy and I love them hahaha.

2) My Pup: First of all, Ollie is the best. She is a total weirdo and picky with who she gives her attention, every kiss and tail wag is well thought out hahaha. She is also the most emotionally intelligent pup I have ever seen. When a Disney movie causes me to let a couple tears go, her head is on my lap before the first one falls.


3) Dry Shampoo: I am pretty sure this stuff has existed for longer than I have known. When I did find it, my hair and life was changed hahaha. I have straighter than straight, fine hair that usually needs washed and styled everyday and dry shampoo has saved me at least 15mins every morning. That’s 75mins of extra sleep a week people and for that I am grateful!

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Weekend !

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