Positivity Challenge: Day One

So a day or so ago, I was challenged by my mother to take part in the Positivity Challenge and I am so game. So for the next five days I will be posting three things I am thankful for. And although I am supposed to ‘nominate’ three people each day, I think this is a great exercise in spreading good vibes, high fives and gratitude. Therefore I challenge anyone that reads this to start the Positivity Challenge.

I am having trouble composing Part Two of Failing to Reach a Goal. It is about the dark time I experienced after I quit rowing and honestly writing about it has been bringing me down the past couple of days. Not cool. So, I am going to begin this challenge today and continue it alongside that post to hopefully balance it out. Gotta keep up my #PMA.

1) Life: I know it seems obvious, but seriously, I am so grateful to be given this day and to be healthy and capable of spending it chasing my dreams and goals. Just think about that for a second, let it sink in. When we wake up in the morning we are given an opportunity. Some days we might gain an inch, some days it may be a mile, but each day is another opportunity to get closer to our dreams.

2) My Health: I know I spoke to health in my last one but, when you have had the injuries I have had, a day in which I don’t feel pain and can go to kickboxing, lift some heavy stuff or go for a run is always something to be grateful and downright stoked about.

3) My Husband: If you are new to my blog, or me in general, let’s get it out there. I freaking love my husband, he is amazing, awesome and I cannot stop myself from talking about him. He allows me to be the geek that I am and the impact he has had on me as a person has been so positive. I cannot wait to see how much cooler we get as we grow old together. Every morning I wake up next to him I am so grateful to have him in my life.

My lovely husband and I enjoying a night out with friends.
My lovely husband and I enjoying a night out with friends.

So thats it for day one everyone. What are you thankful for today?


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